About red1252

I am a retired public school teacher,wife,mother, grandmother, a retired civilan polce Aide, Bible school teacher, I have Published my first Book of Poetry Collection of Poems by Lela Coley.President of an organization Families against Murder And Accidental Shootings :www.myfamaas.org

Just A primary Bowl of Love

I feel an obligation as a wife, mother, grandmother, great-grand mother, retired school teacher, Bible school, teacher neighbor, citizen and friend, and enemy to some to share.

Just a look and see, listen and learn, read and ask questions.

I submit this brochure.Image (2)

Rain for The Soul

The dryness of the soul occurs when Christian forget to drink from the fountain of living water is not used daily. God’s word is a fountain of living water. The woman he met at the well was advised of the well of living water which would never run dry. Just a few reminders of the side effects of dryness i.e.
dry leaves die, dry under brush feed fires, dry eyes needs a moisturizer, a dry mouth needs a drink of water. Just a thought for those of us who forget to drink from the fountain.


Be A Peace Maker

Let the love of God shine through you and let it surround you and your actions.  Vengeance belongs to God.   Be a bridge builder in these difficult times use the tools of the old bridge builders and leave a legacy of better days for those who will follow you. 



Haters are beneficial.  Think about it they keep your name out front , they provide you with quasi security patrol,  they provoke a search for the truth without any cost to you and they add quality to an already existing loveable you….